Recent activity

"Bias Blockers" the commercial parody sketch I wrote/co-produced, will premiere on my Youtube channel on 9/13 at 9:00am. 


The web series "Gigahoes" that I co-wrote/co-produced/co-star in, has premiered online and is in production now for Season 2. 

View the first season now on Amazon Prime and our website: and subscribe to our YouTube Channel below.




I was featured as "Kevin the bisexual" on Billy on the Street in the viral segment "Immigrant or Real American"

My boyfriend Alex and I were featured on the popular Youtube series {THE AND}

Samsung Galaxy 6 TVLand "Time Traveling Products"

BIC 4 Colours Pen Campaign listed as one of BuzzFeed's 6 Smartest Ads



​BIC 4 Colours Pen Campaign- Facebook Page


MoviesOnDemand Promo "Halloween Date Night"


eHarmony SpikeTV  "Icebreakers"

Catch me Monday, September 24th for the premiere of my Storytelling show, Never Have I Ever 9:30pm at The People's Improv Theatre.
Plus Performing with my best friend Keisha Zollar in our two-prov group "Best Betches".