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Kevin Ryss Gilligan

SAG-AFTRA Eligible

Height: 5'7   Weight: 155lbs

Hair:  Brown   Eyes:  Brown

Theatre NYC

A Midsummer Night's Dream    Flute                                      Hyperion Theatre Project
Salomé                                         The Page                                City Show Productions
HP Lovecraft Fest                         Multiple Roles                      Kraine Theatre
Manhattanpotamia III:                Gaylio                                    Hyperion Theatre Project

  Queen of Carnivale
Manhattanpotamia IV:                Gaylio                                    Hyperion Theatre Project

  The Trek Down Columbina's Treasure Trail



British- BBC



New York

New England


National Tour

Greek Mythology I & II                Homer, Hercules, Hades     Hampstead Stage Company
Lights Out for Louie                    Sparky The Wonderbug       National Theatre for Children
Shakespeare for Kids I, II, III      Romeo, Macbeth, Bottom   Hampstead Stage Company   
A Christmas Carol                        Scrooge                                  Hampstead Stage Company
Alice in Wonderland                    Mad Hatter, Red Queen       Hampstead Stage Company

Stage Combat


Horse Back Riding



Regional & International Theatre

A Midsummer Night's Dream    Flute                                      Teatro Franco Parenti (Milan, Italy)
A Midsummer Night's Dream    Flute                                      Teatro Patalogico (Rome, Italy)​

Julius Caesar                                 Octavius                                Guerilla Theatre Company, NC
The Last Night at Ballyhoo         Alfred​                                     UNCW Theatre, NC​                                                     

The Laramie Project                    Aaron Kriefels​                       Opera House Theatre, NC

Hair                                                Ensemble                               Fire Eaters Productions, NC

Canterbury Tales                          Absalon, Damian                 Thalian Association, NC

Flowers for Algernon                   Charlie                                   Domino Theatre Company, NC

​The Rimers of Eldritch                 Josh                                        Livestock Theatre Company, NC



Gigahoes *Season 2                    Lead                                       Dir.  Jim Mendrinos

Billy on the Street                        Featured                                TruTV

GIgahoes  *Season 1                   Lead                                       Dir. David Wright

Empire Girls                                  Improv Instructor                 Style Network
Mysteries at the Museum          Featured                                 The Travel Channel
Watermelon                                  Lead                                       Dir.  Jason Maran
Bummin It:                                     Artie (Lead)                           Dir. Justin Cioppa

  The Life and Times of Oyster Bummins
Operation Red Leaf                      Lead                                       Dir. Chad Blunt



Samsung Galaxy 6  TVLand      "Time Traveling Products"     Bodega Studios

BIC 4 Colour Pens​                      "Crammed"                              Paradoxal Inc. Productions 

BIC 4 Colour Pens​                      "Stress"                                     Paradoxal Inc. Productions

BIC 4 Colour Pens​                      "Relay"                                      Paradoxal Inc. Productions

BIC 4 Colour Pens​                      "Pen Spinning"                        Paradoxal Inc. Productions

BIC 4 Colour Pens​                      "Fashion"                                  Paradoxal Inc. Productions

MoviesOnDemand                    "Halloween Date Night"         inDemand
eHarmony SpikeTV                    "Icebreakers"                           Dir. Ira Rosensweig ​ 

Somfy Systems                           "Child Safety Month               Revive Media

NY Daily News                             "More Winners"                      Dir. Lloyd Stein

Training & Workshops

Church Social                              Sketch Comedy                          The People's Improv Theatre, NYC

Road Pizza                                   Sketch Comedy                          The People's Improv Theatre, NYC

Best Betches                               Two-Prov                                     The People's Improv Theatre, NYC

Thank You for Coming Out       Long Form Improv                    Magnet Theatre, NYC

Sktch Shw                                    Sketch Comedy                          The People's Improv Theatre, NYC

Red Tie Mafia (NYC)                   Short Form Improv                    Triple Crown Underground, NYC
American Candy                         Sketch Comedy (actor/writer)  Gotham Comedy Club, NYC

Fine Funny & Female                 Sketch Comedy (actor)              Roy Arias Theatre, NYC
There's No Place Like Home     Long Form Improv                     Magnet Theatre, NYC
Comically Impaired                    Short Form Improv                    City Stage, NC

University of North Carolina at Wilmington                            Bachelor of Arts-Theatre

      Stanislavski, Hagen                                                                Dr. Renee Vincent, David Andrews
     Movement - Labon, Gestalt, Yakim                                   Dr. Renee Vincent

Sketch Writing                                                                               Upright Citizen's Brigade Theatre, NYC

  Sketch 101                                                                                     Lee Rubinstein

  Sketch 201                                                                                     Caitlin Tegart

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